New Sponsor Helps Perfect Packing

Cycle Oregon would like to welcome Oregami Luggage as a 2017 sponsor! This company is a natural fit for CO because it is based in Oregon and they share our love of cycling as well as our philosophy of giving back to communities all across this great state.

Not only is Oregami making a sweet donation to our volunteers on The Classic, they’re offering you 50% off a large duffle AND a chance to win a free ride.

Cycle Oregon was central to the inspiration for Oregami Luggage, it was also where inventors Rick and David did their research. Avid cyclists themselves, they loaded up their invention with bibs, jerseys, water bottles, and lots of gear to put their luggage to the test on Cycle Oregon in 2013.  Read More


 100 Days of Hefe

Cycle Oregon sponsor Widmer Brothers has planned more than 100 local events this summer celebrating their flagship beer for 100 Days of Hefe. Fans will have opportunities to meet members of the brewing team and brewery co-founders Kurt and Rob Widmer. They’ll be giving away a smooth black and yellow Hefe bike every single day at each event. It’s perfect for pedaling to the pub!


This year they’ve partnered with Cycle Oregon to promote our events and impact in Oregon. We’ll keep you up to date on which events we’ll be at this summer, but mark your calendars for the big one at Widmer on September 4th.


Route Talk – No Crater Greater

Ah, the endless dilemma that is Day 3. You’ve covered a respectable amount of ground over the last two days, a point not lost on your muscles and joints and you will have certainly earned a break.  But on the other hand–Crater Lake! Riding the rim is a potentially life altering experience (not to oversell it). Read more


Spotlight – Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake is one of those places that Oregonians have been enjoying for generations because, for the most part, the experience has remained largely unchanged.
The first time visiting the lake, many people are surprised to learn that Diamond Lake is not shaped like a diamond at all. It’s more of an oblong blobby rectangle 3 ½ miles long by 1 ½ miles wide. Under the right conditions, it does sparkle like a diamond, but that’s not how it got it’s name either.




Like the Bag? Get One for Half Off!


Oregami wants every Cycle Oregon rider to know how great their bags are so they have lined up a few promotions. The first offers 50% off the price of a new bag for CO riders–just go to and use the code FREERIDE at checkout.

The second promotion is a Free Ride Contest that they are sponsoring. Up for grabs is one free registration for this years’ WEEKENDER as well as a free registration for THE CLASSIC.