Rules and Support

Click Here to view our 2024 E-bike User Agreement. All E-bike riders will be required to sign this agreement prior to the event.

  • Which e-bikes are allowed?

    Class 1 and Class 3 pedal-assist e-bikes are welcome on all courses for all events.

    Class 2 e-bikes with a purely throttle-powered mode are not allowed.

  • Course Support

    If a rider with an e-bike requires SAG support on course there is potential for delay due to the weight or design of certain e-bikes. Not all Cycle Oregon SAG vehicles and/or volunteers can accommodate e-bike transfer in every case. SAG vehicles do not carry charging equipment or additional batteries.

    E-bike riders are required to follow the same event safety rules as well as abide by local and state laws. For details on Oregon law regarding e-bike use please review this legal guide prepared by Portland law firm Thomas, Coon, Newton, & Frost.

  • Mechanical Support

    Trek Bicycle Portland, formerly The Bike Gallery, returns as our tech support sponsor for the 35th consecutive year! Their staff has significant experience with our events and are fully trained in current e-bike technology though we ask that your bike arrives for the weekend in proper working order. Due to the wide-ranging nature of e-bike systems we ask that you bring any special parts or equipment unique to your bicycle.

  • Code of Conduct

    Cycle Oregon’s mission is to transform individuals and communities through bicycling and we endeavor to do so in a positive spirit towards all people on bicycles. We believe every rider who joins us has made the most appropriate determination for their equipment and we respect that choice without need for justification. Despite humorous intent, “teasing” or “joking” comments towards a rider on an e-bike may be perceived as insulting or threatening. Even with a motor, cycling these routes requires real effort. Likewise, riders with pedal-assist are asked to be mindful of their pace, pass with care, and not to “tease” riders on analog bicycles. We encourage every rider to focus on their own time in the saddle and enjoy their own ride, not the ride of any others.

By Event

We’re excited about the experience e-bikes offer riders, and while we welcome e-bikes on all courses, we are extremely limited by the access to power outlets in many of the small communities and remote locations where we make camp. Cycle Oregon cannot guarantee electrical outlet access to any areas of camp, though we will work to map best availability prior to the event. You must bring your own charging cord and/or charging dock for your bicycle.

Riders are responsible for ensuring their bicycle battery is fully charged before beginning each route and that they understand its capabilities for the distance, speed, and elevation they have chosen to ride that day. There will be no charging stations on course.

Please read the details below for specific charging details and limits for each event.

  • Classic

    E-bikes are welcome on all Cycle Oregon courses for Classic 2023. E-bikes are growing in popularity yet the infrastructure to support them is not always available nor guaranteed in all camp locations.

    Charging Service

    We are able to increase the number of e-bikes that we can support for charging to 35 e-bikes. We are able to accommodate up to 15 bikes with integrated batteries; the remaining spots are for bikes with removable batteries. We anticipate this program will sell out, so recommend that you register for the event and e-bike charging early. Riders will be required to sign our e-bike agreement and pay a charging fee of $100 for the week during registration. 

    I signed up for CPAP, can I charge my e-bike there?

    No. The power supply for those who require a CPAP machine is often through a single outlet or a single generator; the power required to charge an e-bike battery is too great and could comprise power available to CPAP machines. This service is strictly limited to CPAP machines only.

    Can the device charging service provided by the Community Cycling Center charge my e-bike?

    No. The device charging service is solar-powered and does not provide enough power for e-bike batteries. This service is restricted to phones, garmins, lights, and other small devices.


    Anyone is welcome to bring their e-bike on GRAVEL 2023. We have more access to outlets at our overnight site. If you have a spare battery, we highly recommend you bring it along to guarantee you have a fresh battery for the second day’s ride.