Time to Have a Fit

We’ve written about bike fit at length in the past, but it’s a topic that’s important enough to mention again. Proper bike fit makes your ride a whole lot more comfortable and also reduces your chance of injury or discomfort — particularly to the sensitive knees. It’s something everyone is encouraged to do.

According to our friends at the Bike Gallery, far too many people put off doing this until just before a big ride or event. This is a mistake. The time to do it is now — before you subject your body to a season of training. It takes the average rider a minimum of two weeks to get muscles and connective tissue used to a new riding position, so getting it done ahead of time also gives you the opportunity to make tweaks and adjustments.

Most bike fitters guarantee their work for a full year, so even if your body changes over the course of the season (getting more flexible because you ALWAYS stretch or shedding some of your gut for example) they’ll continue to work with you at no extra charge.

So what are you waiting for?


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    1. At Bike Gallery, they’re about $150 right now and should be helpful. Working on core strength is also very good for that.