New Dave’s Flavors Introduced at Cycle Oregon? Killer!

CO2013-40In 2005, Dave’s Killer Bread stormed the Portland Farmers Market and quickly became the Northwest’s favorite organic bread. Less than a decade later, we have revolutionized the healthy bread industry with our line of non-GMO Project Verified organic bread. Now we have our sights set on national availability. Dave’s Killer Bread is all killer and no filler, because it’s power-packed with whole grains, Omega-3’s, fiber and protein. The average slice of Dave’s Killer Bread has as much protein as a large egg. Our bread is known for its trademark explosion of seeds, delicious chewiness, and high-quality ingredients. Here at Dave’s Killer Bread, we strive to be more than just bread makers – we have a vision to make the Best Bread in the Universe. Period.

For this year’s ride, we decided to do something different, and so we’re introducing our newest varieties to you, the Cycle Oregon riders. That’s why we donated Seeded Honey Wheat and 100% Whole Wheat. Both breads are power-packed with nutrition and will help fuel this gorgeous ride.

Dave’s Killer Bread Seeded Honey Wheat has nearly 4 tablespoons of pure organic honey packed into each loaf. It’s got a sweet taste, and its crunchy texture makes Seeded Honey Wheat an instant family favorite. It’s also the very first Non-GMO Project Verified honey wheat bread on the market.

Dave’s Killer Bread 100% Whole Wheat Bread is for those who want the killer flavor without the intense texture. With a smooth texture and a touch of sweetness, 100% Whole Wheat is the perfect seedless bread for everything from sandwiches to French toast.

Donating to Cycle Oregon this year was a no-brainer. We love people who love our bread. We love the great outdoors, and most important, we love this great state we come from. We believe the best bike ride in America should be accompanied by the best bread in America. Thanks for your support, and have a great ride.

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  1. Where can I get my own Dave’s Killer bread kit??

    1. Dean Rodgers says:

      Check with the Dave’s store or on the Internet machine.