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Update: Register Here!

In case you haven’t heard, this year we’re debuting an amazing new bike tour that we think a lot of you are really going to love. If you’re already in the know and ready to register for CO3, get registered here.Otherwise, read on or get the full brochure.

Dubbed CO3, it’s a smaller, more upscale version of a typical Cycle Oregon event; it takes riding, amenities and philanthropy to soaring new heights. Here are just a few things that make this ride extraordinary:

  • The Roads – CO3 features some of the most spectacular roadways and vistas Northeastern Oregon (and a little bit of Southeastern Washington) has to offer. Think of it as a “greatest hits” from some of our most beloved rides, plus a whole lot more.
  • The Challenge – CO3 is a little shorter and a bit more epic than a typical Cycle Oregon Week Ride. We’ll pack 331 miles and 24,000 feet of climbing into five days of biking bliss.
  • The Amenities – Though the days in the saddle may be tough, we’ll recover each evening in luxury and style. We’ll sleep at some of the finest and most storied hotels and lodges in the region (indoors and in beds). We’ll dine on expertly prepared farm-to-table meals. And, to cap it all off, we’ll sip locally produced beers and wines – in responsible moderation, of course.
  • The People – On several occasions, community leaders will join us to talk about the challenges they face as well as potential opportunities for support and partnership. If you’ve been looking for a chance to become more involved in helping preserve the special places of Oregon, this is it.
  • The Size – CO3 is limited to 30 riders.

Perhaps best of all, CO3 will put a cool $30,000 directly into the Cycle Oregon Fund, which will be earmarked specifically for one or more projects that help support the very region we’ll visit.

Your total cost for CO3 is $3,000, of which $1,000 is tax deductible as a contribution to the fund. The ride takes place June 19-24, which is the perfect time of year to explore this region by bike. Registration opens on March 17 at noon (Pacific time), and we expect this event will sell out very quickly – so if you want to be sure to get a spot, we recommend being ready to register at noon.

The 2014 debut of CO3 includes the communities of Walla Walla and Waitsburg, WA; and Enterprise, Halfway and Baker City in Oregon. Climbing highlights on the road include the daunting Rattlesnake Grade, the grueling up-and-over from Enterprise to Halfway, and the ascent to Anthony Lakes ski area. See the whole brochure here.

How to Register for CO3

Registration for CO3 is a two-part process.

Step One – Online Registration – This step is just like registration for any of our other rides. Simply click here to register and follow the instructions. At the end of the transaction, you’ll be charged $2,000 per rider, which covers two-thirds of the registration fee. At this point your spot is secure – at least for the next two weeks.

Step Two – Contribute to the Cycle Oregon Fund – The second step in the registration process is to make a tax-deductible contribution of at least $1,000 to the Cycle Oregon Fund, which must be paid directly to Cycle Oregon. If payment is not received within 14 days of registration, your place on the ride will be forfeited and your initial payment will be refunded.

You can do this by writing a check   made payable to the Cycle Oregon Fund and mailed to:

Cycle Oregon
Re: CO3
2124 N. Flint Ave.
Portland, OR 97227

Why are we doing it this way instead of just handling it all through online registration? The reason is simple: As stated above, our goal is to have your donation go to the fund rather than processing fees. It also makes processing the paperwork you’ll need for the deduction a whole lot cleaner.

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  1. Between Step 1, Step 2 and the brochure, you have 3 different timelines, registration, and refund policies. Perhaps an edit or clarification is in order. Is it 14 days or 30? Is it full refund or partial?

    1. Dean Rodgers says:

      You’re right — the inconsistency between steps 1 and 2 was an error (which has been corrected). You’ve got 14 days to complete step 2 after finalizing step 1.

      As for the refund policy, what’s mentioned in the blog post is completely different from what’s mentioned in the brochure.

      The blog post refers to registration only. If someone completes step 1 but fails to complete step 2 within 14 days, they lose their spot on the ride and get their money back. In essence, they failed to resister.

      The cancellation policy in the brochure pertains only to those who have completed registration and then can’t or decide not to go.

    1. Dean Rodgers says:

      Thanks for sharing, but we’re set for lodging on this event.