Back to the Big City — Day Seven Cycle Oregon 2013

Last week John Day seemed like a relatively small town. But after the places we’ve been and the things we’ve seen, we’ve come to realize it’s the big city — at least in these parts. Well that suits us just fine. John Day has proved to be a most welcoming and excellent place.

Today’s ride was another beauty. For anyone who has been counting, that’s seven days and seven incredible routes. Just a few miles out of Seneca, we turned off onto FS 21 a narrow strip of pavement that meandered up down and around through ponderosa groves, meadows and streams ending up at Murderers Creek. One more climb then a very nice descent to highway 26 and a quick 20 mile spin to John Day.

In my humble opinion (and not only mine) this was one of the most spectacular Cycle Oregon routes ever. The region is serene, the people as friendly as friendly can be and the solitude refreshing. Thanks to everyone for making this another great week. See you all in February at kickoff.

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  1. Carl Schreiner says:

    Awesome pics Dean! Great to meet you!

    Video is in the works!

  2. Linda Seidel says:

    TY for sharing your awesome experience of cycle Oregon! After my second knee replacement, I would love to get myself in shape to participate. However with a bad neck, thorasic and lumber spine… 66 yrs. old may be a dream only ! However so happy to know Hanne’ who joined you all on this awesome Trek ! CONGRATULATION !

  3. Patricia Miller says:

    I’ve completed over a decade of CO rides and I agree; one of the best routes ever. Burns we love you and many of the wonderful other folk that hosted us along the way. I am proud to say I live in Oregon, and humbled by the generosity.