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Pack for the Ride

These are suggestions; feel free to bring what you feel is necessary.

Printable packing checklist (pdf)


For the Dorms

Remember to bring a pillow, pillowcase, bottom sheet, sleeping bag or other linens, (all beds are twin size). Dorm bathrooms are not stocked with toiletries, so be sure to bring your own soap (and towel). Also, residence halls are not air-conditioned, so if the forecast is for warmer weather bring a fan for your room.


Tent, rain fly, ground cloth, sleeping bag, pad, pillow, flashlight, extra bulbs and batteries. CO veterans suggest bringing something to identify your tent from the other tents around you. You may also want a set of earplugs if you are a a light sleeper.

Weather on the Ride

Summer weather in Oregon is usually beautiful, with average daily highs in the mid-70s or 80s and nightly lows from 40 to 55. But be prepared for inclement weather – bring warm clothing and rain gear.

For the Bike

A helmet is required, and we recommend the use of a rearview mirror. You also must bring two 20-oz. water bottles minimum (or equivalent hydration pack). Although there is ample help available from SAG vehicles, you may want to bring some supplies with you such as tubes, tire levers, patch kit, pump and a multitool.


Toothbrush, toothpaste, skin lotion, sunscreen, lip balm, chamois butter, soap, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, towels, washcloth, painkillers such as aspirin or ibuprofen, antacids, band-aids, calamine lotion and insect repellant.


Cycling jerseys, shorts and tights, camp shorts, long pants, extra socks, short- and long-sleeve shirts, walking shoes, swimwear, rain gear (water-repellant breathable fabric is best), warm jacket. Cotton is not recommended for cycling attire. Synthetics that “breathe” provide the greatest comfort and cooling or warmth. At night, you will appreciate a fleece pullover and long pants.

Other Items

Camera, sunglasses, earplugs (for sleeping), penknife, book, deck of cards, personal identification, cash and bank card. And don’t forget a towel!