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Weekend Accommodations

For the Cycle Oregon Weekend, you’ll have several options for accommodations. You can camp in a tent on campus, stay in a dorm room or apartment, sleep in your RV or arrange for other lodging.


The overnight site will have an area designated for camping – “Tent City,” as it’s affectionately known. Don’t forget to bring your tent, ground cloth, sleeping bag and pad. We can no longer offer tent service on the Weekend Ride, sorry for any inconvenience.

Dorm Rooms

All rooms have single (twin) beds. You can choose from traditional one-room dorms with 1-4 beds and shared bathrooms down the hall or Suites with three rooms and 5-6 beds and a private bathroom with additional bathrooms available on each floor. Get a dorm here.

Please note:

  • Only one person needs to sign up for the room
  • Prices include both Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Bring a pillow, pillowcase, bottom sheet, sleeping bag or other linens, toiletries and towel.
  • Check-in for dorm rooms begins at 3 p.m. on Friday. Check-out is 5 p.m. on Sunday.
  • Residence halls are not air-conditioned, so if the forecast is for warmer weather bring a fan for your room.

Sleep in Your Vehicle

If you’d like to bring your RV, camp trailer, you must register your vehicle as we have a limited number of spots. The cost for bringing an RV is $40. There will be no hookups available. RV is defined as anything that cannot fit into a standard parking space.

You may also sleep in your non-RV vehicle if that is what you prefer.