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Take the Bus


Tickets must be purchased by August 19th. Click here to get tickets. You’ll need to purchase one ticket in each direction for round trip travel. Tickets will be emailed the first week of September.


Staging for buses will take place on Saturday, September 10th at the Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel. You should take your bike box with you, you will not be able to store it at the Sheraton. We will have a storage location in Myrtle Creek.

Departure to Myrtle Creek

Buses will depart at 10 a.m. Loading will begin approximately 1 hour before the departure time. Bus tickets are required at the time of boarding.


Buses should arrive approximately 3.5 hours after leaving Portland.

Loading Assistance

Volunteers will be available to help load your bike and luggage. To save time and minimize hassle, bikes will not be boxed but will be wrapped in blankets and loaded directly into the baggage trucks. If your bike is in a case, it can be loaded on the truck in its case. Volunteers will be available to help unload the bicycles.

Return to Portland

Buses will return from to Portland on Saturday, September 17th. The buses will leave at 2 p.m.

If you are taking the bus home, plan to arrive in Myrtle Creek early enough to enjoy the finish-line festivities and have ample time to eat,  load your bike and luggage and board the bus. The buses should arrive in Portland at the Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel approximately 3.5 hours after departure.