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Camp Services

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Hot showers will be provided at each overnight site. The showers come with dressing rooms, sinks and even a laundry area to hand-wash clothes. Please remember to bring a towel or two, as we do not provide towels or toiletries.

Rider Services

Rider Services is the Cycle Oregon customer service department. You will find the Rider Services trailer in a visible location near the entrance to each overnight campsite. This is the place to ask questions, get help solving a problem, meet friends, leave a note on the message board or locate missing items at lost and found.


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Cycle Oregon Gift Shop

The Cycle Oregon Gift Shop is where you’ll shop for Cycle Oregon merchandise including cycling gear, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, jewelry and much more. You can also buy extra meal tickets there. Look for the Cycle Oregon Gift Shop near Rider Services.

Medical Services

A medical tent will be set up at the overnight site. There is no charge for medical services on the course or at the overnight site. We will not transport you to a medical facility unless it is a critical situation. If you require services from a local medical facility, you will be financially responsible.


Bike Detail and Electronics Charging

The mission at the Community Cycling Center is to broaden access to bicycling and its benefits. For the past fifteen years, they’ve helped you roll smoothly over breathtaking rural roads by offering bike detailing and electronics charging at Cycle Oregon. Last year, your purchase of these services helped them raise an astounding $25,000 for our bike safety programs for youth and adults. Thank you!

This year, they will continue to offer top-notch bike detailing performed by skilled volunteers and electronics charging via solar and wind power! Services sell out quickly during the ride, so don’t miss the chance to pre-schedule your bike detail or weekly charge. Avoid the lines and sign up today!

Services include:

  • A Clean Bike is a Happy Bike. We will make your bike look (and act!) like new. Pre-schedule a full detail for $80.
  • Get Charged Up. Garmins, iPhones, Blackberries, you name it. Pre-schedule a daily charge (one device at a time, all week) for $60.
  • VIP Clean & Charge Services. Pre-schedule a full bike cleaning and daily charge for $130.
  • VIP Clean & Charge Plus. Pre-schedule a full bike cleaning and daily charge and sponsor a child at the Holiday Bike Drive for $180.

To sign up or request further information, please contact Patrick at Patrick@CommunityCyclingCenter.org or 503.288.8864 ext. 325.

CPAP Service

We will designate a camping area adjacent to the medical tent with electrical hookups for those who use equipment such as a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) or sleep machine. The medical crew will carry your CPAP equipment from site to site; the cost for this service is $50 for the week. You will still be responsible for delivering your gear bag to the baggage truck. If you would like to use this service, please purchase it after you complete registration. This service is limited to the first 30 people who sign up.



Massage Services

The majestic mountains of Oregon seem mighty tall when you’re pedaling up them. After a long day in the saddle, bring your tired legs down to the massage tent. Our therapists use a variety of Swedish, deep-tissue and sports massage styles to keep you riding happy all week. Massage relieves muscle pain and tightness by stimulating circulation, clearing out the toxins that build up with extreme exertion and stopping spasms before they stop you from riding. Massage can be tailored to your pressure preferences and to the areas where you need it most.

Massage Prices

Massage prices are $50 for a half hour and $90 for a full hour. We accept VISA, MasterCard, check or cash. Massage appointments begin filling in May and June, so call ahead to be sure you get the times you want. You can make appointments directly with your favorite therapist or sign up at the massage tent at each overnight site.

A little hint: When you’re choosing where to pop your tent for the night, you may want to set up away from the massage tent, as our music is loud and lively and we’re open until 11 p.m.

Visit the Cycle Oregon Massage Team’s Web site to view a list of the massage therapists who will be along on the ride and contact them to make an appointment.



Kula means community, and that’s exactly what you’ll find on Cycle Oregon. Come be a part of the Yoga Kula to stretch out the muscles that get tight during cycling. These yoga classes will help you stay close to your breath this week. Not only will this help you feel better, but stretching can also help prevent injury.  And you’ll meet other great people who like to do nice things for their bodies too. Mats are provided and times are subject to change. Meet your instructors here.

Day 1: 3:15 pm & 4:15 pm

Day 2: 3:15 pm & 4:15 pm

Day 3: Hatha 3:15 pm & 4:15 pm

Day 4 Layover Day: 6:00 am & 4:30 pm

Day 5: 4:15 pm & 5:15 pm

Day 6: 3:15 pm & 4:15 pm



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Physical Therapist

Megan Moseley, PT, LMT, of Bodywise Physical Therapy, will be available everyday after the ride for free injury consultations including a brief evaluation, hands-on treatment as needed including myofascial release, graston, mobilization, kinesio-taping. Megan will educate you about the origin of your symptoms, instruct you in stretches, exercises, and self-care techniques to get you back on the road!. Additionally, Megan will help coordinate a plan of care with massage therapists, acupuncturists and bike-fitting experts.  Her schedule will be in your Rider Handbook. In addition, Megan will teach a stretching and injury prevention class from 4-5 p.m. on Saturday, September 10. This is an interactive and educational class geared toward teaching you core exercises and stretches to balance your body, prevent injuries, and relieve pain you may have due to the repetitive stresses and chronic positioning related to cycling long distances.


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Betsy Platt, L.Ac, MAcOM, of AcuOm will be available by appointment to provide specialized acupuncture and Eastern medicine to alleviate muscle, bone and joint pains; increase stamina and boost energy; relieve arthritis; stop headaches; address respiratory problems; ease gastrointestinal disorders; and more. Signups are available at the Acupuncture tent in camp. 


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Bike Repair

The Bike Gallery supplies a team of bicycle technicians who provide mechanical support on the route and at each overnight location. Technical support is available for emergency repairs of well-maintained equipment. It is your responsibility to make sure your bicycle arrives in good condition. Labor is usually free, compliments of Cycle Oregon and The Bike Gallery, while cyclists pay for all parts. Labor charges may apply if your bicycle does not meet pre-ride requirements. Any repairs performed along the route will be basic in nature and designed to get you to camp for the evening.

Bike Retail

The Bike Gallery has a retail site at each overnight location. It is complete with cycling attire, accessories and any other odds and ends that you may need.

Bike Rentals

Are you flying in for Cycle Oregon and prefer not to transport your bike?  Or do you just want to experience one of Trek’s best road bikes?  Bike Gallery is now offering a bicycle rental program.  Bicycle pick-up and return is on-site at the Cycle Oregon starting and ending location.  Sizes are limited so call early for reservations.  For more information, see the Bike Gallery’s website or call 503.281.9800.