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Interactive Campsite Map

Beer Garden
The Widmer Brothers Beer Garden is open from afternoon through the evening, offering beer, wine and pizza.

Tent & Porter Service
The popular T&P service has a roomy tent and your bag waiting for you each day. Two chairs are also provided.

Tent City
In each camp we have a large area designated for first-come, first-set-up tent camping – we call it “Tent City.”

We have professional EMTs on duty around the clock; they can answer questions and provide emergency care.
Volunteer Camping
Our hardy crew of volunteers has its own camping area.
Rider Guest and Support Vehicles
We set aside a spot in camp (or nearby) for people accompanying riders who bring RVs or other vehicles along.

Daily yoga sessions are free, and tailored to the needs of cyclists. Many of our riders swear by them.

Enjoy a heavenly massage from one of our licensed therapists. Appointments run from afternoon until late evening.

Office RV
The Cycle Oregon RV is the administrative and communications center of the operation.

Community Cycling Center
The Community Cycling Center offers bike detailing and charging for electronic devices – by appointment. And it supports a great cause.

Bike Repair
The Bike Gallery brings a squad of ace mechanics to fix anything that breaks. Service is free; you pay for parts

Retail Areas
Both Cycle Oregon and The Bike Gallery offer retail sales – get custom CO gear, plus anything you need for riding.

Rider Services
The Rider Services trailer is the place to get all your questions answered – it’s customer service on wheels.

Main Stage
The ODS Main Stage is a full concert setup, and the place to hear camp announcements and live music every night.

Breakfast and dinner are served cafeteria-style in the dining tent, which holds up to 1,000 people at a time.

After your ride, come here to find your bag in the afternoon, sorted by the truck you put it in that morning.

Enjoy the luxury of a hot shower morning, noon or night with our state-of-the-art shower trucks.