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Ship Your Bike

If you’re flying into Portland or don’t want the hassle of dealing with your bike on the way to the starting point, we encourage you to ship your bike directly to the starting location.

Once again we’re working with High Country Shipping (HCS), a registered FedEx shipper, for shipping all bikes to and from our event. If you contact HCS, they will arrange all the details of getting your bike to the event and send you shipping labels in advance. In addition, they will monitor your shipment, e-mail you when it arrives at their local facility, and deliver your bike to the start of Cycle Oregon. During the event High Country Shipping will store your cardboard box or hard case.

At both the start and finish, High Country Shipping’s booth will be conveniently located next to the Bike Gallery. Bike Gallery professional bike mechanics can assemble your bike after you arrive; the fee for this service is $65. If you need your bike disassemble and boxed in your packaging held by High Country at the end of the ride the fee is $75. Or you can pre pay for both services here for $120.00 until August 30th  

Shipped bikes should not arrive earlier than two weeks before the start of the ride. Riders are encouraged to make their reservation in advance online. HCS will then contact you to confirm shipping. Riders will be charged for shipping when their bike arrives on time in Oregon.

Contact High Country Shipping