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Finish Line Festivities

Get ready for a fantastic finish-line party. We’re going all-out to show Cycle Oregon riders a great time. Lunch is served at the finish line this day, so relax with all your new friends, trade stories about the week’s adventures and soak up some more of that Oregon hospitality.

Before leaving on Saturday morning, you will need to make sure your bag is put into the baggage truck designated for your departure home. Baggage trucks will go to two locations on Saturday, either the bus area or the long-term parking area.

The bus truck is designated for those participants who are riding the bus back to Portland or being picked up at the finish line by family or friends. There will be short-term parking near the finish line for them. There will also be parking in the same location for Rider Guests who are picking up their riders. Follow the Rider Guest signs.

If you have your car in long-term parking, stop at the finish line, enjoy the festivities and have a bite to eat. When you’ve had your fill, go to long-term parking. You’ll find your bags and a hot shower waiting for you.