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Every overnight site has an area designated for camping – the “Tent City,” as it’s affectionately known. Tent sites are available on a first-come, first served basis. Some things to consider as you choose a place for your tent include proximity to restrooms, the entertainment stage, the massage tent (they’re open fairly late each evening and have music playing), etc. Many groups of riders like to stay close together, so that can take some logistical coordination.

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Tent & Porter Service

If you want the star treatment for your camping experience, try the immensely popular Tent & Porter Service.

Imagine this: You arrive in camp and skip the trip to the baggage truck. Instead you head directly for a primo camping spot, where a spiffy 9′ x 7′ Cycle Oregon tent has been set up for you. Your luggage is waiting outside. And this process repeats itself every day. Tents fit one or two people, and the service costs $450 for the week. You’ll have the same tent all week, set up by 2 p.m. each day, marked with your tent number.

Tents are limited and available on a first-come, first-portered basis, so register early to ensure your spot. (We’re not kidding; this service typically sells out within a day.) If two of you are sharing, only one signs up for the service. One or two chairs will be provided with each tent. Sleeping bags and pads are not provided, so please don’t forget to bring yours.


Some Cycle Oregon riders prefer to seek lodging in the towns where we stay. While we don’t arrange or guarantee local lodging, here are some options in our host towns. If you choose to stay in lodging, you are responsible for getting you, your bike and your bag to and from camp each day on the same schedule as for other riders. You can google the locations for accommodations that might fit your needs. The dates listed are for the night we spend in that community. Click on the location to show the location of camp.