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Day One — Bye Bye Bly

The sound of a lone bike shoe clicking in to a pedal isn’t particularly noteworthy. But the sound of a few thousand clipping in on the first day of Cycle Oregon always is. In fact, it’s nothing short of incredible. So began the ride. Today’s course from Bly to Silver Lake covered some remote territory, even by Cycle Oregon standards. The course featured high desert, rolling hills, high forests, alpine meadows and virtually no traffic. It was spectacular.


  1. Skye Riley says:

    I did the ride in 1989. Portland to Ashland. It was wonderful. I’d love to go again but I don’t think my neck could tolerate it. Thanks for these posts!

  2. Monica Reeves says:

    Thanks for the update! Love the pics, too! Keep ’em coming. Everyone stay safe!

  3. Sally Zeek says:

    Great job folks. A big Happy 80th Birthday Cycle Oregon with family to Jim Roberts of Canby, Oregon

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