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Cycle Oregon’s New Virtual Reality Experience!


virtual oregonHave you always wanted to ride Cycle Oregon but never had the time? Well, now we have the solution. We are proud to introduce Cycle Oregon’s Virtual Ride, the full Cycle Oregon experience from the comfort of your home. That’s right, you can see the Steens, pedal the Painted Hills, and ride the rim of Crater Lake—all from your home trainer—with our special virtual reality package.

Simply put on your VR headset and press play to start the ride. As you hit mileage checkpoints in the program, our special drone delivery service will bring you all the accouterments you’ve come to know on Cycle Oregon events. For instance, on Day 1 mile 13, our custom delivery drones will slather you with sunscreen, load your pockets with KIND bars, drop two fizzes in your water bottle, and even waft you with that special blue room scent—so authentic! They’ll also deliver all your meals and gear drop bags, and offer you chocolate milk at the end of your day.

If you’re having trouble completing your ride, we’ve got you covered. At any time in the program, simply look to your left and give a thumbs down. Your virtual assistant, SagE, will be right at your side, ready to solve the problem. You can get mechanical help, snacks and water, or a ride back to camp in the virtual van if you need it.

And it only gets better from there. When you hit camp, we’ll have a main stage for the ages. We’ve pre-loaded performances from the most popular acts of all time. Want to see the Rolling Stones in Cottage Grove, Led Zepplin in Dufur, or Springsteen in Sisters? COVR has it all!

Cycle Oregon - now with FeelReal technology!

We’ve also added a trove of slightly inappropriate jokes told by Cycle Oregon’s own Ken Chichester.

Cycle Oregon’s Virtual Ride offers a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list experience, without ever leaving your home. You’ll never have to get out in nature and meet interesting people again! Best of all, with our special Ball & Chain upgrade, you can continue working from the saddle. Access email, sit in on conference calls, talk to clients, and attend virtual meetings just like in real life – no time off for you!

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  1. Dave Pex says:

    Awesome! Well done, and on such a day as April 1!

  2. Bruce MacLaren says:

    Absolutely hilarious! I work for a high tech company that does virtual reality, so I knew this was a joke right from the beginning. I love your creativity. And please….don’t sign me up for it! :=)

  3. Sam Collins says:

    nice. Can I VR the beer too?

  4. Sue Brown says:

    Are you kidding me?

  5. Jean says:

    Have you gotten new caterers ?? The food (especially dinners) the last several years has been really bad and getting worse. Last time we ONLY ate lunches, since they were enroute.

    Can you offer a food free option with appropriate pricing?


  6. Mark says:

    How much should I train for the VR ride? I do t want to be sore when I turn off the TV. I’m totally spurious!!

  7. Marvin Fickle says:

    Only a few years off. After 7 CO’s, I might appreciate a brief winter respite, which a VR/trainer might bring.

  8. Remona says:

    Hope you all don’t mind but I’ve gone and hoaxed my virtual reality loving followers on my blog with a link to you….. http://www.housestormborn.com/the-virtual-reality-bicycle-ride/
    Thought it only appropriate to pass on the love…..

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