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A Positive Mental Attitude


Nicely Challenging…

Now wasn’t that a great teaser back in January for this year’s week event! Did it intrigue you? Did it challenge you? Yes? Well once again you won’t be disappointed come September!

I recently had a visit from a rider that had just completed his first Cycle Oregon weekend. When I asked him what he thought about it, his response: “The highlight of my summer!”

Your highlight of the YEAR is just around the corner…

Prior to my tenure with Cycle Oregon, I spent more than 20 years in the fitness industry working with people just like you getting ready for an event of some sort be it a cycling event, marathon or a visit from the grandkids (they can wear a person out!) As we got closer to that goal and event, the question came up: “Am I going to reach that goal and succeed?” We’d look back at all the progress and accomplishments they’d had leading up to that point. Did they still have it in them to reach their goal? Absolutely. And I’d be there to help them to the end. So what should they do now, stop short? No way.

Keep moving forward.

As we close in on September 6th, I bet a bunch of you are asking that same question. You look at the calendar. You look back at your training so far this year. You look at the mileages and elevations. You’re heart rate increases and you start to perspire. Well, I’m here to tell you: take a breath, you’re going to be fine, and yes, you will succeed. Is it going to be easy? No. What really great challenge is? But we’re in this with you the whole way – great route support, massages and yoga, coffee and smoothies, food, live music, beer, wine – you name it we have it! Now I’m not going to lie to you, the route has a respectable amount of elevation gain. The things that can make a ride really challenging are long, sustained, steep climbs – however this year has mostly rolling, gradual, short climbs, not big climbs. Also remember, what goes up comes down, so you’ll have lots of down too! This year’s mileage: a daily average of 67 miles (as I tell folks, five short 13 mile rides with food and drink in between); on par with the average Cycle Oregon week event.

Layover day to rest if need be? Check. Communities to welcome you with open arms? Check. Spending a week with old and new friends? Check. All the support you could ever imagine to help you reach your goal? Check. A transformational experience – we’d bet on it.


Three letters that my father said to me in my youth that I still carry and use today. Positive. Mental. Attitude. With the right frame of mind you can accomplish anything. And Cycle Oregon has your back should you stumble a bit; we’ll get you across that finish line on September 13th and we’ll be there to give you a high five, serve you chocolate milk and celebrate that moment with you!

You will have experienced the Cycle Oregon transformation. And it will change your life.

See you in The Dalles – we can’t wait!

And oh yea, way to go…

Steve Schulz

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