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  • Phone: 503-287-0405 or 800-CYCLEOR (9-5 PST most business days)
  • Email: info@cycleoregon.com
  • Fax: 503-287-0494
  • Address: 2124 N. Flint Ave, Portland, OR 97227

Chris Knott, Volunteer and Customer Service Coordinator
503-287-0405 x103

Chris joined Cycle Oregon in December 2013. He attended the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and graduated with a degree in Political Science. Chris moved west to Portland at the insistence of a dear friend, but he’s stuck around for all the wonderful food, specialty coffee and craft beer. In the past, he has worn a number of hats, most recently helping out at a small brewery and working in development for a local non-profit. He is an avid cyclist, soccer player and a beginner at yoga. At Cycle Oregon, Chris takes care of rider requests and questions, helps recruit and train volunteers, manages the registration system and spends a lot of time with spreadsheets.


Tara Corbin, Community Liaison and Event Manager
503-287-0405 x100

Tara Corbin has been in Oregon since 1999 and with Cycle Oregon since 2001. She has the great pleasure of working with all of the communities throughout the state and truly believes that they are what make Cycle Oregon such a special event.  During the events you will find Tara working at the overnight site managing logistics and a variety of other things.  When not working she enjoys reading, hiking, camping and listening to music.


Steve Schulz, Executive Director
503-287-0405 x101

Prior to joining Cycle Oregon in 2008 Steve was in the fitness and adventure industry for over 20 years as the founder and owner of STRADA, in Portland, OR. Steve’s first Cycle Oregon experience was in 2001, taking a group of cyclists he was training on the week event – from then on he was hooked.

As soon as Steve was walking, he was backpacking, playing sports and music, and riding a bike – it was all about adventure and discovery. Being active and exploring the outdoors have always been a part of his life. Growing up in a small town in Wyoming, Steve understands the challenges of rural communities and the opportunity for Cycle Oregon to not only provide economic impact, but to help facilitate constructive change for years to come. Steve’s greatest reward in his professional career has been being able to help transform people’s lives. When not travelling throughout the beautiful state of Oregon looking for routes unknown, Steve enjoys spending time with his family and trusty Labrador, playing music, overlanding through the backcountry and wetting a line in any available body of water.


Brad Kendrick, Equipment Coordinator
503-287-0405 x106

Most of Brad’s working career has been related to the management of the sales, marketing, & distribution of consumer products. He has gained experience in a diversity of business cultures that range from large corporations to small family companies. Brad enjoys cycling in his free time, and is a veteran of many Cycle Oregons.  It was during those rides that he realized that he was as excited and amazed about the logistics of camp as he was the day’s ride.  Logically, when a position opened to help facilitate those logistics he jumped at it.  During the year his responsibilities revolve around equipment, supplies, and the warehouse.  He can be found during events staffing the (air conditioned) office RV.


Ken Chichester

Ken Chichester, Route Master & Permit Wrangler
503-287-0405 x10?

Ken started cycling over forty years ago as an alternative to running. For years he rode solo until he heard about an event called Cycle Oregon. After a few years of procrastination, he finally signed up — for Cycle Oregon V.  As an Oregon State Police officer during his first ride, Ken saw a need for more involvement with road authorities (city, county, state and federal), so he volunteered to act as the liaison between Cycle Oregon and those public agencies.  After a few years of volunteering, he was invited to join the Board of Directors, and served as a member of the board for nearly fourteen years.  When he left the Board in 2007 (after having ridden the week ride for 20 years and every weekend ride), he also retired for the second time, and was asked to join the event management team of Cycle Oregon as a part-time employee. His responsibilities are: route planning, securing road-use permits, safety, and “duties as otherwise assigned.”